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Employee vs Contractor

Comparing the cost of a contractor versus an employee is not always an equal comparison. While you could add up the number of hours that you expect each team member to work and then divide this by their annual cost, this fails to consider other factors that affect compensation and costs such as employee benefits, overhead costs, office support, and indirect costs.

For industries like manufacturing and production, where demand fluctuates seasonally, determining the most cost-effective staffing solution can be challenging. Our cost comparison calculator provides clarity by illustrating the hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly costs, empowering you to assess the expenses of maintaining your engineering team's support during peak periods.

Reduce your costs further with SMARTShifts

With flexible shift cover, you can efficiently manage manpower and specialised skills precisely when they're needed, ensuring seamless production operations.

If your production only requires added manpower for certain days of the week, month or year, then our SMARTShifts are for you.


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Our cost comparison is worked out on a standard 42 hour week. This calculator has been designed to give a useful general indication of costs. It's important you always get a specific quote against your actual figures. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors.